Top 21 research-driven app store optimization tips

At TUNE, I’ve published nine major app store optimization reports over the past six months. Now I’ve taking the best tips from each one and shared them in one place.

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TIP #1: Enable Spotlight search on iOS

Get more engagement by enabling Spotlight search in your iOS apps. One popular entertainment app with about two million iOS installs saw a significant increase in daily opens and active users from Spotlight search.

TIP #2: Switch categories to win

Pick categories in which you can win. As Gilad Bechar of Moburst told me, “switching to a category where you might have less competition can make a huge difference.” Example: Twitter switching from Social to News, where it instantly became number one.

TIP #3: Enable Firebase App Indexing

Boost user acquisition and re-engagement by enabling Google’s app indexing.

We’ve seen session growth from 10-20% for already-on-device apps, plus user acquisition growth, particularly in data-rich vertical search apps.

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