Top 10 most downloaded apps and games of 2021: TikTok, Telegram big winners

top apps downloaded 2021

Just published to Forbes: the top 10 most-downloaded apps and games of 2021.

Adam Blacker at Apptopia always does a year-end review totaling up the most-downloaded apps globally and in the U.S., subdivided into quite a few different categories (I think 30 this time). He shared the list with me, and here it is.

From my post at Forbes

TikTok had 850 million downloads last year; almost 200 million more than the still-impressive 656 million it achieved in 2021. WhatsApp was down over 200 million app installs as well, and Messenger was down from 404 million last year to 268 million this year. Facebook, Meta’s flagship app, was also down, having achieved 540 million installs last year compared to 416 million in 2021. Zoom had 477 million installs in 2020 versus 300 million in 2021.

Google Meet and Netflix were on the list last year.

But both dropped off entirely this year.

On the gainers side, Instagram was up about 40 million installs from last year.

And private messaging and groups platform Telegram was the big winner of 2021, up almost 75 million installs from 256 million last year to 329 million this year. A likely reason for the Telegram increase is the desire for more privacy, as well as a flight from mainstream social networks by people claiming censorship on the part of the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Get all the details & charts in my post.