Softbank leads $200M investment into printable battery-free IoT startup Wiliot

battery-free IoT Wiliot

Remember Wiliot? I interviewed this IoT startup about their printable no-battery Bluetooth-capable tags a few months ago. Now the company has raised $200 million from Softbank and a who’s who of venture capital and technology: Amazon, Qualcomm, Samsung, Verizon, Norwest Venture Partners …

Coincidence? I think not.


Here’s the interview I did with Wiliot senior VP Stephen Statler:

From my new Forbes story on the fundraise:

Battery-free IoT sounds good. So do printable RFID tags. Put the two together, and you potentially reinvent supply chains, product behavior, customer service, and more. Today Wiliot announced that Softbank led a massive $200 million series C funding round in that future possibility.

“By inventing the first hyper-scalable, self-powered computer that uses AI to sense the world, Wiliot is positioned to bring together the digital and physical,” Softbank’s Yanni Pipilis said in a statement. “We have always believed that with IoT and AI, people will live better and healthier lives – where any food or medicine has the ability to understand if it’s safe to use and communicate seamlessly with people.”

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