Signal without noise, ego without limit

Guy Kawasaki has replaced his incomprehensible Latin blog name with something that is, at least, comprehensible. But is it an improvement?

Guy’s blog used to be titled “Signum sine tinnitu.” I have searched, but cannot find an exact translation of that. “Signal without ringing” is the closest I can get. I know Guy has tinnitus – ringing in the ears. So that fits.

And it illuminates his new blog title as well – he’s essentially translated it with a left-handed nod to 37signals‘ excellent blog, signal versus noise.

But saying something cute in Latin is very different from stating it baldly in English. And stating that you are all signal and no noise is very bald indeed. Maybe too bald.

Signum sine tinnitu is a great blog, and I’ve enjoyed Guy’s books. But nobody’s that good.

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