Making mobile ads suck less (and playing soccer) with Moloco VP Francesco Renzo

I had a great chat recently with Moloco VP Francesco Renzo about horrible mobile ads on the Growth Masterminds podcast I host for my client Singular.

Mobile advertising is like a giant global game of soccer, Renzo says.

From my post on Singular’s blog:

“The mobile attribution games, Renzo says, are a global game of soccer. Ad networks are the teams. They’re trying to score goals, and they achieve that when they find a new player, user, or customer for their advertisers. Everyone used to know exactly where the goal was, thanks to the trackability of the iOS ad identifier, the IDFA. But since App Tracking Transparency made IDFAs scarce, it’s become much harder to tell which shots hit the target and get the right new users, and which miss by miles, to the sarcastic whistles of a scornful crowd. The result is that ad networks now shoot from everywhere on the soccer pitch: well outside the 18-yard box, their own side of the halfway line, the corner of the field, from their own goal line. Even, sometimes, from completely off the field.”

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