Incrementality is like heaven: no-one knows how to get there?

If you’re in marketing and especially in mobile, you’ve been hearing a lot about incrementality lately. It’s a technique, more than a technology, of discovering whether advertising or marketing efforts are incremental, or additive, to your results.

Because, of course, no-one wants to buy ads that don’t perform, or build marketing campaigns that don’t grow your company.

From my recent post on Singular’s blog:

How will marketers measure, attribute, and optimize marketing in a privacy-safe ecosystem?

And let’s be honest, this is not just any old marketing we’re talking about. This is not selling real estate or sports drinks or Lululemon pants. Mobile user acquisition is perhaps the fastest-paced marketing niche around, where shortening the distance between stimulus and response is critical to campaign optimization.

But I’ve been putting off talking about incrementality for months now.

I’ve been intrigued by what I’ve been hearing from AppLift veteran Maor Sadra’s new startup INCRMNTAL, as well as what Brian Krebs, the CEO of MetricWorks, has had to say about incrementality as a key form of mobile marketing measurement.

I just haven’t felt ready.

Recently, however, I had a conversation with Moshi Blum for the Mobile Heroes podcast I do with Peggy Anne Salz for Liftoff …

Check out my full post for why Blum thinks that incrementality is almost impossible in mobile user acquisition campaigns …