From my Posterous: Aftermarket QuickTime X preferences pane

There’s a lot more to Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s QuickTime X than meets this eye … this after-market preferences pane will open it up for you:

The new version of QuickTime included with Snow Leopard (called QuickTime Player X) is almost a complete overhaul of the previous version, from the look and feel of the application windows right down to the preferences menu (or lack thereof). If you were looking to change some options but don’t know where to start, our Preference Pane can help you enable or disable many of QuickTime’s features. It is currently in it’s initial release (version 1.0) with an update coming soon to fix the only known bug. For more information on version 1.0, please read the release notes, which is also included in the Preference Pane bundle. You can see a screen shot of the application running below, and when you are ready, download it here.

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