Adtech upheaval: why Digital Turbine bought Fyber, and what’s happening in the ecosystem

We have seen so much change recently in the adtech ecosystem. A lot of it is driven by the fact that adtech is a fast-evolving space where players pop up and get acquired, get huge, or get lost.

And a lot is driven by the fact that the rules of the game are changing as privacy becomes table stakes, platforms that own their own supply and demand start to pull away, and targeting changes.

In my latest post on my consulting client Singular’s blog, I did into why Digital Turbine bought Fyber, and what’s happening in the ecosystem.

A snippet from the post:

Essentially, it’s about offering a full meal deal.

“We’re on about 600 million devices already today, and we enable about 60 million devices a quarter … that’s more than iPhones sold globally,” Tubergen says. “The acquisition of Fyber really represents us moving into the monetization space and having a fully verticalized and fully integrated advertising stack.”

There’s obviously a lot of change happening right now in the ecosystem. Privacy, IDFA, and iOS 14 is one part of that. Another part is the alphabet soup of components and partners and players that publishers have to navigate when monetizing, and marketers when acquiring. Another part is the unprecedented scale and power of industry behemoths who suck up a lot of the oxygen in the ecosystem.

So simplification and vertical integration makes some sense.

Aggregating players for first-party data consolidation makes some sense.

And building scale to compete globally also makes some kind of sense.

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