I saw this story on Digg about Google insider trading going off the charts, literally, and was a little interested.

You can, if you want, click to see just CEO Eric Schmidt’s results … which is even more interesting. And you can even, if you choose, copy and past the tables directly into Excel … which is most interesting of all.

Mad Money
Turns out, Eric Schmidt has sold a quarter billion dollars worth of Google shares this year alone. Yup, since January 1, he’s sold $250,285,406 (and 44 cents) worth of Google shares.

And over the past three years, he’s sold more than $717,450,284.88 of shares, almost all of them Google shares (an insignificant $3 million were Siebel shares).

Obviously, I don’t know what his strike price was on those shares – what he paid for them before selling them. But he’s definitely above water and not doing too badly at all.

Gotta love capitalism!

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