InMobi CEO Abhay Singhal on data, privacy, payment freedom on iOS, and InMobi Telco

2021 has been a year of change on mobile. Less data, more privacy, for one. And the promise of more App Store freedom in terms of companies being able to choose their own payment processor, thanks to the Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit.

I spent some time chatting with InMobi CEO Abhay Singhal about that, plus his company’s new on-device experiences: InMobi Telco.

From my post on Singular’s blog …

“Isn’t it an epic judgement?”

InMobi CEO Abhay Singhal couldn’t be happier at the court ruling handed down late last week in the Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit. Apple will be required to allow apps to offer alternate means of payment, which means competition in payments — and commission rates — for in-app purchases for the first time ever.

But he’s also excited about the InMobi’s just-released telco product, which is years in the making and, absent about 500,000 additional court rulings further opening up the crown jewels of iOS, will be Android-only for the foreseeable future.

“There are over 800 telcos in the world and each one, if you talk to them today, has an ambition of becoming a large media company,” Singhal says.

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