Bricks & Mortar Is Dead. Digital Still Sucks

almost empty shopping mall

About half of us don’t trust public spaces, avoid travel, won’t go to dine-in restaurants, and won’t shop in bricks-and-mortar stores. And that’s not changing any time soon … even if Covid-19 miraculously goes away, or a vaccine is available tomorrow.

But there’s more bad news.

The digital substitutes for these real-world activities still suck.

Those are the conclusions of an almost-3,000-person international study on brands, people, and digital experiences. Essentially, our pandemic habits have become exactly that: habits. And they’re going to stick around for at least some period of time, even after Coronavirus is gone. But unfortunately, the digital infrastructure that we’ve built to replace our former shopping and dining and travel habits … still has gaping holes. And still doesn’t really meet our needs the way it theoretically could.

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