Why Apple Might Lose The US Government’s War On Google

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On October 20, the United States government filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google. One question is: was that really for abuses of antitrust law, or was it just about politics and scoring points in the U.S. national election?

And, is Apple actually be the biggest potential casualty in an antitrust battle between the U.S. government and Google?

“I think there’s been a consensus now for a while on both the left and the right, that companies like Google and Facebook have too much power in the marketplace,” Greg Sterling, VP of insights for Uberall, told me recently on the TechFirst podcast. “Also, there is a political element. I think that Trump wanted to show he was being tough on tech before the U.S. election, and I do think there’s kind of a grudge on the part of many right-wing legislators that these companies are in the pocket of the left.”

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