Welcome to the Mr. Glass iPhone

Love it love it love.

I generally stay simple with my iPhone colors: silver, charcoal grey. I did plain white when Apple offered that. But now there’s purple and — given that I just re-watched Unbreakable and Glass recently, is clearly the Mr. Glass iPhone.

An excerpt from my story on Forbes …

First name: Mr.

Second name: Glass.

Apple announced two new iPhones this morning in its Apple Event, and they’d both be perfect for the iconic arch-villain Mr Glass, played by Samuel L. Jackson in the Unbreakable, Glass, and Split superhero movies. Mr. Glass, of course, sports purple as his color of choice.

The phones: an iPhone 12 and an iPhone 12 mini. The 12 mini is a bit of a shock, since the rumor mill had the mini models on life support given relatively slow sales. The new iPhone version is available for pre-order this Friday and will start shipping on April 30.

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