The new ad fraudsters: how today’s sophisticated ad fraud criminals steal marketing dollars

Mobile marketers know that ad fraudsters are legion and that ad fraud is a multi-billion dollar problem. You’ve probably also heard that Singular has a deterministic fraud solution that is saving existing clients hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly.

But what is Singular saving clients from?

And what are the ad fraudsters doing now?

Ad fraud is continuously evolving in an ongoing arms race against fraud detection and marketer flight to quality traffic. Knowing which ad impressions are real — and which are fake clicks; detecting fraudulent activity and doing it all in a real-time bidding environment … it’s not easy. That’s something that our anti-fraud department takes very seriously, studying bad actors’ latest techniques to ensure that Singular clients get the advertising they pay for.

I spent some time with the head of Singular’s ad fraud detection team to understand what’s new in mobile ad fraud. And also, therefore, what’s working — and not working anymore — in ad fraud detection.

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