Scammers Send 3.1 Billion Domain Spoofing Emails A Day. Here’s How To Protect Yourself (And Your Company)

spam scam

How do you know an email from your bank is actually from your bank? Or that an email from your boss isn’t from a scammer in Ukraine?

Short answer: you don’t.

Between 1 to 2% of all emails are flat-out scams, says email security company Valimail. They are unscrupulous people impersonating a company or organization or person you know, trying to get you to do something like give up your banking details, send a payment, or divulge secret information. On the surface, an email might look just fine, saying it’s from, for instance. Actually, it’s from some random domain controlled by a hacker who is looking to siphon funds illegally from you or your company’s accounts.

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