I study huge quantities of hard device-based and soft people-sourced data to find insight and opportunity.

Much of my latest research is here:

Singular reports & guides

TUNE blog

A significant amount of previous research is available at VB Insight, the research division of VentureBeat that I founded:

VB Insight

Want to connect with me to discuss research possibilities for you? (Note: I don’t consider one-off opportunities. I typically do monthly retainers)

Here’s how this often happens:

  • my engagements often work best if you have a unique dataset on an interesting topic I/we can analyze
  • that should lead to a report
  • the report should lead to 1-3 blog posts
  • the report should be newsworthy enough to be covered somewhere. I can help with that, depending on topic and desired placement
  • the report should be excerptable for slideshares, tweets with data, and infographics, which you can produce
  • the report should be usable as the basis for one or more webinars, etc.
  • the report should be usable for 2-4 bylines by company execs

Interested? Contact me via one of the social networks at top right.