Prepping for iOS 14 and the loss of the IDFA: What Nebo Radovic, Growth Lead at N3TWORK is doing


If growth is your world and your mission is acquiring new users, the September launch date of iOS 14 might seem like doomsday. And it’s getting closer and closer.

But is that really true?

To find out, I spent some time with Nebo Radovic, who leads growth at the N3TWORK Scale Platform. N3TWORK, of course, is the publisher of Legendary: Game of Heroes, a perennial top-grossing game. Perhaps even more importantly, N3TWORK is one of a very exclusive club of game publishers that have become so good at finding, acquiring, and retaining new players that they’ve built a platform to grow other developers’ games as well — investing $50 million to make it happen.

Long story short: Radovic knows his stuff.

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