Adobe’s marketing AI let one customer cut ad spend 50% while growing sales 10%

Marketing AI sounds like a good thing, if it works. Adobe says it’s new marketing AI that drives media mix modeling for customers with $50 million in annual ad spend is so good, they can cut their spending in half and still grow.

At least one beta client has achieved that result.

From my post at Forbes …

It’s a marketer’s dream. Maybe even a midnight fantasy: growing sales while cutting advertising and marketing spend. But Adobe’s marketing AI means that at least one massive cosmetics customer is actually living that dream.

And so could you, theoretically, with one little caveat.

Do you spend at least $50 million a year in advertising?

In addition, it’s privacy-safe, since it works mostly on aggregated data and/or first-party data. In other words, it doesn’t rely on data sharing between companies.

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