Hyper Growth For Hyper Casual Mobile Games: 2X Installs, 72% More Sessions

In a hyper crazy era with a hyper intense pandemic and more hyper worrisome economic news and even more hyper stressful racial tensions, we all need a break.

Today, that’s not a Kit Kat.

Instead, it’s hyper casual games.

Hyper casual games are simple. They’re easy to understand. They’re fun even if you’re not a hard-core gamer. They’re also relatively cheap and easy to produce, and sometimes last for only weeks or months. Flappy Bird is a great example, if you remember it. Ballz, currently number four on the App Store for games, is another. Subway Surfers and Super Mario Run probably fit the genre too. All that it takes is a game you can pick up and play almost instantly.

The cycle is simple: Download, endorphins, repeat.

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