Google shares its SKAdNetwork and iOS 14 plans: Here’s what you need to know

iOS 14 has been in the wild since September. SKAdNetwork has been Apple’s solution of record for marketing measurement since last summer. Facebook has released detailed information about how mobile marketers should implement SKAdNetwork. And now Google has shared its thoughts on iOS 14, SKAdNetwork, and Google ad campaigns.

One big reveal?

Google will not be asking permission to track via the ATT prompt.

But there’s more. Much, much more. Today, Google gave us insight into how iOS 14 will affect visibility into metrics, conversion modeling, Firebase and SKAdNetwork, MMP integrations, tROAS, tCPI, and tCPA, as well as how many iOS campaigns mobile marketers will be able to access out of SKAdNetwork’s 100 maximum.

I spent some time with Jonathan Chen, Singular’s director of product, about the changes. He’s been working with partners like Google for the past half-year on SKAdNetwork and iOS 14.

Get the full story in my post on Singular’s blog …