Apple AirTags: How Apple is preventing creepers from electronically stalking you

Apple AirTags are super-cool ways to track the location of everything you own. They’re small, elegant, can be put in a keychain, and connect via a global network of more than a billion Apple devices virtually everywhere to track and find lost things.

Welcome to the global internet of findable things, I guess 🙂

There are obvious worries with something like this in terms of privacy and security. Does Apple know where all my stuff is? Or, where I am? (Well, you do have a smartphone, right?) Apple’s aware of the concerns, and with the company’s focus on privacy, has an answer:

From my story on Forbes:

One issue that most across the political spectrum can agree on today is that we need to limit the power of big tech to surveil and control our lives.

So when the biggest tech company on the planet launches a new product that lets people tag and find personal items, it comes with an additional burden. After all, creepers could put one in your bag. An abusive husband or boyfriend could hide one in your car. And that could lead to all kinds of horrible events.

Cue Apple AirTag.

Today Apple CEO Tim Cook launched AirTag, a button-sized object with location awareness and sensing thanks to a billion+ Apple devices in a global network called Find My. In other words, all modern Apple mobile devices participate in this massive location-aware system, at least if they have Bluetooth on.

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