12 holiday app marketing tips for mobile growth pros

It’s November and if you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, you’re totally screwed. Happy supply chain crisis, baby: that toy your friend’s kid wants is stuck in a shipping container on a boat off the coast of Los Angeles, and no-one’s unloading it until they get a raise to cover 2021’s massively accelerating cost of living.

Google Play gift card for the win?

Maybe …

But as you’re working through the mobile app holiday marketing strategy you built about 3 months ago, here’s a few tips on making this holiday season the best ever.

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But here’s a sneak peek:

  1. Take advantage of of the supply chain crisis
  2. Coordinate messaging
  3. Give to get
  4. Introduce yourselves
  5. Be the gift your users give
  6. Offer help-a-random-friend in your gaming app
  7. Start now, but finish late
  8. Solidify existing relationships
  9. Make something old new again
  10. Run some App Store and Google Play ads?
  11. Influence this …
  12. Design an easter egg for viral kicks

Get all the details in the full post.