Vancouver 2.0 Blogger Interview series

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Vancouver 2.0 Blogger Interview series

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Vancouver Web 2.0 forum has started a weekly blogger interview series … all featuring bloggers from Vancouver, of course.

This week, they’re featuring Jeffery Simpson, who writes at a variety of personal and multi-author blogs. Jeffery needs a new pic for his site and should apparently never venture into another elevator ever again. (Well, at least not 10 minutes before a hot date.)

Why am I following the blogger interview series?

Well, first off I’m trying to be more aware of local bloggers here in Vancouver. And secondly (the selfish reason) I’m going to be interviewed 2nd or 3rd in the series. A very happy confluence of public and private interest, no?


Jeffery Simpson

January 28, 2006at 2:50 pm

Why do I need a new picture?

John Koetsier

January 28, 2006at 4:10 pm

Well, I guess you don’t really need to, but to be honest, in the pic you look like your dog just died, your pickup broke down, and your fiance left you for your best friend.

My wife keeps telling me to put a “happier” pic on my blog, too.

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