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Was interesting to google my name and see a link to this page on egoSurf just 5-6 items down.

Looks like egoSurf is making all past searches part of their website content, probably in static spider-able pages. Very, very smart. Now amazingly, incredibly, their site’s content from a search engine’s point of view is growing by leaps and bounds, amazingly quickly.

Which makes egoSurf more discoverable, which increases their traffic, which …

You get the point: virtuous circle in action. And in fact, their home page is mostly exactly that: history of searches.

Like it!


Jason Hyland

January 31, 2006at 11:24 am

Good Point!

John Koetsier

January 31, 2006at 2:03 pm

It’s amazing what a million blindfolded monkeys hammering on keyboards can create …


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