Crash OS X’s Mail Reliably

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Crash OS X’s Mail Reliably

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Ran into an interesting crashing condition on Mac OS X’s Mail application today …

If I open a new message, insert the cursor at the bottom of the message, under my signature, and hit the delete key twice, Mail crashes and burns. Every time.


I made a little movie of it while I was testing. Click the image above to see it in a new window. (It’s less than a megabyte.)

. . .
. . .

Note: I chatted with a co-worker and he tried it without, um, success. (In other words, his Mail did not crash.) I don’t know what might be different about mine … I have 3 sig files, while I’m pretty sure he has one, but I don’t see how that would change anything …



February 15, 2006at 10:16 am

Mine didn’t crash either. It just removed two carriage returns. I thought this was a little wierd as I don’t recall putting two returns in my sig. (I have three.) I wonder what would happen if you replaced the sig with a new one?


February 15, 2006at 11:41 am

Try adding your last name to the spellcheck and see if that does anything.


February 15, 2006at 3:00 pm

I tried it on 4 different OS X 10.4.4 and 10.4.5 Macs here. No crashes. Dude, it’s your computer. Hardly worthy of an article or even worse, a link from MacSurfer…

John Koetsier

February 15, 2006at 4:56 pm

That’s the beauty of a blog, Paul. I can write what I want. It happened to me, still happens, I felt like writing about it, and did.

I did note that it didn’t happen on a co-worker’s machine.


February 15, 2006at 5:06 pm

The problem is that sites like macsurfer link to this with your title, making it seem like it’s a universally reproducible issue that people should care about.


February 16, 2006at 6:52 am

Sounds like you have an issue with one of your signatures. Hidden control character or something like that. Try recreating your signatures from scratch, or deleting the last line of the signature and see if it still occurs.


February 16, 2006at 6:54 am


The issue here should be with macsurfer linking to a one off error. I can’t really hold John accountable for blogging about something that happened to him. It should be up to the aggregator to determine if the issue is worth reporting on. The more links they have on a page, the more traffic they get.


April 10, 2006at 10:29 am

Mine crashed. I created two signatures. One was for .Mac – not sure if its the multiple signatures, or the .Mac account…

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