I consult with startups, brands, and enterprise companies on mobile strategy, marketing, public relations, and product.


I help with branding and early public relations. As someone who’s written thousands of news articles and been pitched tens of thousands of times, I have a very good sense of when something is newsworthy, what is the most newsworthy part, and what might be missing from a press release.


Mobile is in my blood, and I understand how critical it is for brands to make one-to-one connections with customers. I also have a strong background in marketing technology and particularly marketing tech stacks … as opposed to the marketing blobs most organizations possess.

Note on pricing:

I don’t do one-off consulting engagements, as these rarely provide the opportunity to make a significant and strategic impact. I generally do monthly retainers, and these are inexpensive for startups, who have little money — if I find your startup interesting — but more expensive for brands.

If you’re interesting in doing work with me, please contact me via one of the social networks at top right.