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Tesla’s New Autopilot ‘Violates State Laws’ According To Consumer Reports

Tesla’s new lane-changing feature is far worse than humans at changing lanes and does so in ways that violates state laws, according to a new report from Consumer Reports today. As a result, it creates safety risks, CR says. “We found that Navigate on Autopilot lagged far behind a human driver’s skill set,” Consumer Reports says. “The

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Walmart’s Sub-$100 Tablets Are About The Future Of Retail, Not Apple’s iPad or Amazon’s Fire Tablet

Walmart isn’t competing with Apple. Walmart is competing with Amazon. Walmart is releasing three sub-$100 tablets under its Onn store brand this week. They include an 8″ screen model at $64, a 10.1″ model, and the larger one with a detachable keyboard for $99. Each model has 16 GB of storage and uses Google’s Android operating system. But

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Most Drones Fly. This Drone Swims, Making Water The Next Frontier Of Droning

don’t feel guilty at all. That’s because the drone I piloted had zero chance of impacting an aircraft. In fact, it can’t fly at all — except underwater. There, in its native element, it flew, in a sense. Or swam, like a fish in water. Get the full story in my post at Forbes …

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Google Backs Down On Smart Home Integration Changes (Sort Of), Commits to ‘Working With Amazon’

Last week Google announced the cancellation of its popular Works with Nestprogram, which allowed smart home technology to integrate with its Nest line of thermostats, cameras, and other products. Today it’s backing off that cancellation. But only somewhat. Get the full story in my post at Forbes …

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5 lessons Adobe learned growing from $220M to $5B in recurring revenue

In 2013 when Adobe launched Creative Cloud, the company broke with selling boxes and refocused on selling subscriptions (software as a service). At the time, the company had about $200 million in annual recurring revenue. Today, Adobe has over $5 billion in recurring revenue. That’s important, because from an investor standpoint, recurring revenue is twice

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Adobe: 91% of companies are investing in voice technologies

More than nine out of 10 companies are investing in voice technologies, including voice-based commerce, according to an Adobe study released today. Unfortunately, most of them are making a crucial error: They’re letting IT lead the project. Just over a fifth of the 401 companies surveyed have released a voice app, and almost half (44%) plan to

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live social, webinars

I speak on research, mobile, AR/MR/VR, futuretech, IoT, blockchain.

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marketing & martech

I help CMOs with strategy, positioning, martech, and designing for growth.

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I deliver compelling messages in memorable ways at live events.

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research & writing

I help brands uncover insights in data … and share them in compelling stories.

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I help startups say meaningful things that get heard.

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I help tech companies build data-driven research practices that drive effective content marketing.

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You are an incredibly talented journalist and panel moderator. I’ve always enjoyed working with you.

( Robert Brennan Hart, CEO, Canadian Cloud Council )

John provided great inspiration to our team ... his ability to talk about the future as if it was now challenged our team to think innovatively."

( Kurt Pregler, CIO, TransLink )

"I really enjoy working with John."

( Gadi Eliashiv, CEO, Singular )

"John is an engaging and charismatic speaker who delivers content that even the most successful app entrepreneurs can use."

( Steve Young, CEO, AppMasters )

"John is the type of person who finds a way to turn a can't into a can. He has tremendous energy and passion in helping others solve problems."

( Brad Kuik, President, K2 Performance Management )

"It has always been a pleasure to work with John. I can not remember a meeting with him where his trademarked laugh was not to be heard."

( Arie Veenendaal, Owner, KiK Associates )

"He really understood our brand and strategy as our business partner ..."

( Jieun Kim, Manager - Product Development, Disney )

"John is smart, business savvy, tech savvy, and has an inherent sense of social media that just blows me away."

( Aaron Hilton, President, Steampunk Digital )

"Extremely innovative and well read on the latest and greatest internet and mobile technologies ..."

( Angela Robert, cofounder and CEO of Conquer Mobile )

"Equally adept on both the strategic and tactical levels, which is rare."

( Nicolas Gaudreau, CMO at Groupe Dynamite )

"John is the "ne plus ultra" - the real deal of old-school journalism combined with a keenly analytical mind as well an encyclopedic knowledge of industry information."

( Jonathan Hirshon, Principal, Horizon Communications )

"His depth of vision for the mobile tech landscape is, I think, quite unparalleled by anyone else I've worked with."

( Scott Valentine, marketer, communications strategist, writer )

"He consistently produced awesome content (reports, articles, live presentations, webinars) leading to millions in new revenue."

( Aaron Golden, founder and CEO, Troospot )

"A lucid thinker and inspiring presenter ..."

( Georg Greve, CEO and President, Kolab Systems )

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