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Mobile Ad Fraud In India: Click Fraud Is 2.4X Worse, App Install Fraud 1.7X Higher

Mobile advertising click fraud in India is 2.4X higher than global averages, and mobile app install fraud is 1.7X higher. While global mobile ad fraud averages just over 15%, ad fraud in the Indian subcontinent is much higher: 31.9%. Months ago, I studied 24 billion clicks and taps on ads that marketers measured over January, February and March of

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Sonos And Alexa, Together At Last: Sonos Teases Amazon Echo Integration

Sonos pre-released a new privacy policy today to existing customers, explaining upcoming changes and privacy protections. The most interesting part? Sonos essentially confirmed the near-term release of its long-awaited Amazon Echo integration, which will allow Sonos owners to control their music by voice. From the blog post: “First, you’ll notice that we’ve added a section

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Mobile ad fraud in India: 2.4X higher than global average

Click fraud in India is 2.4X worse than the global average, according to a recent study of mobile ad fraud. And mobile app install fraud is 1.7X higher. I studied 24.3 billion clicks on 702 ad networks, plus 437 million mobile app installs in 131 countries. Globally, click fraud across all those ad networks is

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Job Apocalypse: MIT fellow Amber Case on AI, robots, and automation

Technologist, inventor and founder Amber Case is decidedly an optimist in an era of artificial intelligence, automation, and smart robots. Especially when millionaire Silicon Valley nerds are buying citizenship in New Zealand and building end-of-civilization compounds in the back woods of America’s Pacific Northwest. “Within 30 years, half of humanity won’t have a job,” former

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“We needs to take a call on mobile ad frauds”

My latest research landed in India’s Economic Times print edition a couple days ago (Bangalore edition) and yesterday (Chennai and Hyderabad editions). I wouldn’t say things exactly the same way they say things … but I appreciate the coverage nevertheless! 🙂 If I can find the coverage online as well, I’ll add a link to it.

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Beats For Cash: 300K Artists Making $20M In The Music Industry’s New Gig Economy

Today anyone with an iPad and GarageBand can make the ingredients of modern music: beats. And 300,000 artists in their garages, bedrooms and condos are doing exactly that … with some of them making hundreds of thousands of dollars selling short slices of music on a new for musical mixes, Airbit. “After using Airbit for a

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I moderate and speak on webinars focused on mobile, marketing, and IoT.

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I help CMOs with martech, structure, and designing for growth.

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I help brands deliver compelling messages in memorable ways at live events.

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I help execs uncover the meaning behind the data … and where it’s trending.

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I help startups say meaningful things that get heard.

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I help tech companies build data-driven research practices that drive effective content marketing.

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