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Particle Raises $20M To Clean Up The Chaos Of 450 Separate IoT Platforms

Internet of Things platform Particle has raised $20M in funding. That’s good news for Particle, but it might be even better news for the entire IoT ecosystem. Why? At last count, IoT Analytics discovered no less than 450 separate IoT platforms. That’s utter chaos, and a disaster for a still-immature industry that needs simple standards, easy

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ICO Bubble?

Initial coin offerings have raised over a billion dollars for early stage startups in the past year. And they’ve done it with blinding speed:, a browsing/messaging app, raised $100 million in under three hours. Brave, a browser startup launched by former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, raised $35 million in under 30 seconds. The kicker?

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IoT Revolutions keynote: San Francisco

Was super-pumped to unveil the new IoT Revolution Landscape at ReadWrite’s IoT event in San Francisco yesterday. 3000 companies in 30 categories in the U.S. and Canada have raised $125B in funding and are now worth $613B in mostly private valuation. They include 95 unicorns (for now!), plus many tiny startups, and a few big old companies. Interesting:

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Smart matter: Mobile is the gateway drug to enterprise and brand success

Caterpillar makes massive 100-ton bulldozers. And Caterpillar also makes apps for your 5-ounce smartphone. Why? Mobile is a gateway to what I call smart matter. Smart matter is the result of adding three things — chips, sensors, and radios — to all products and environments. Simply put, we’re “smartifying” everything … connecting everything and every thing,

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IoT In The USA: 3,000 Companies, $125B In Funding, $613B In Valuation, 342,000 Employees

2,888 businesses building the Internet of Things employ 342,000 workers, have raised $125 billion in funding, and have created $613 billion in value. 95 of them are now unicorns: billion-dollar startups. Spoke Intelligence and ReadWrite, an IoT-focused publication and accelerator, just released their inaugural IoT Revolution handbook, and the numbers are very, very significant. 2,748 companies in the U.S.

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Facebook LIVE with TUNE: Unicorn Dinosaurs

Is mobile a business advantage for brands and enterprise? If so, how much? To answer those questions I had the pleasure of doing a live presentation and then Q&A on Facebook with TUNE. Here’s the video: Enjoy!

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AI and marketing: friend or foe?

I contributed to Act-On’s artificial intelligence and marketing series recently. The question was: will AI be a friend or a foe to marketers? Here’s my take: AI is most definitely going to be a marketer’s friend. Marketers spend far too much time right now gathering, merging, cleansing, and normalizing data, and AI is going to

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Smart robots put 10.5M US jobs at high risk

10.5 million U.S. jobs are at high risk of obsoletion due to artificial intelligence and robotization, according to a new CB Insights study. A prime example: food preparation and cooking. Cooks prepare and serve food, clean workspaces, and interact with customers. But robots are already flipping burgers, and McDonalds is installing food-ordering kiosks in 2,500

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Mobile Presence Podcast appearance: Connecting Customers At Scale And Driving Success For The Fortune 1000

Was super-happy to spend some time with Peggy Anne Salz just yesterday … and it’s live today. Wow … quick! And, shockingly, I don’t sound like a complete idiot 🙂 Here’s her intro: Host Peggy Anne Salz from MobileGroove welcomes John Koetsier – journalist, analyst and futurist – to discuss his recent research into the relationship between mobile apps, which allow immediate

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Mentioned in dispatches

Pretty sure this is my first quote in the NY Times … Amazon’s Jeff Bezos did more than acquire a company last week. He also asked for input on what to do, philanthropically, to help people in need now. I replied, and the result hit the NY Times: Get the full story at the NY

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Apple’s new App Store may gift indie developers 20M app installs almost overnight

Some very, very fortune app publishers will see massive boosts in downloads when Apple turns the new App Store on in late summer or early fall. That boost could be three million, five million or even 20 million new app installs, virtually overnight. It’s all thanks to Apple’s new editorial App Store focus. At the

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25 fat new features: What Apple’s all-new App Store means for app marketers

Apple is making huge changes to the mother of all apps, the app from which all other apps flow — at least on iOS — and probably its most popular app ever. I’m talking about the App Store, of course. And if you’re a successful app developer or publisher, that should freak the living daylights

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70M American Adults Interested In Buying Apple’s New HomePod

70 million Americans are interested in buying Apple’s new $350 smart speaker, HomePod. 33% of Americans are interested in buying the new device, according to a new survey. That only drops to 30% when respondents are asked to compare HomePod with Google Home and Amazon Echo. The results, from a Morning Consult national survey of 2,200

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Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin: How Blockchain Will Transform Business In 3-5 Years

To understand how blockchain is going to change the data of business and the business of data, ignore the jargon. Ignore the hype. Especially, ignore the confusion. Fundamentally, Blockchain is an incredibly simple thing: a record book that everyone can see, and no one can change. This extremely simple idea has the potential to change

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Apple Deletes $80K/Month ‘VPN’ Scam App, But Others Remain

“Mobile Protection: Clean & Security VPN” seemed to promise to keep iPhone owners’ phones clean, secure, and, I suppose, protected. All of those sound pretty good, which is why 50,000 people downloaded the app, and at least 200 people signed up for its weekly subscription service. In reality, it scammed people at the horrendous rate of $400/month.

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Web, apps, bots, and agents: when marketers should use each

Super-pleased to present my presentation at BotsCamp on bots, apps, web, and AI agents, and where they all fit. The online conference platform had some issues, so I had to ask the moderator to forward my slides, but we get through it ok 🙂

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How Apple Can Make Siri Smarter Than Alexa, Google, And Cortana

Google has the knowledge graph. Amazon has the product graph. Facebook has the social graph. Microsoft has Bing and a third of search volume. Here’s how Apple can compete. Apple’s artificially intelligent assistant Siri isn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. But there is one specific piece of technological jujitsu Apple can perform that

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The top 7 tech brands on the planet are worth $1.1 trillion

Seven of the top ten brands on the planet are technology companies, and they’re worth a combined total of $1.1 trillion. The BrandZ top 100 global brands ranking was released today by ad giant WPP and brand strategy firm Kantar Millward Brown. The top 100 brands on the planet are worth an estimated $3.6 trillion, the

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Snapchat Installs PayPal: Planning Mobile Commerce Feature?

Engineers building the popular Snapchat app have recently added the PayPal software development kit (SDK) to both their iOS and Android apps, according to mobile intelligence service MightySignal. “Curiously, we noticed Snap recently installed the Paypal SDK, one of the most commonly used payment processing SDKs, in both its iOS and Android apps,” MightySignal CEO

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Mobile martech: Building the mobile-first marketing tech stack

Brands and enterprises know all about marketing tech stacks. Marketing technologist Scott Brinker has assembled 5,381 logos into the current Martech landscape, and there’s even an award — the Stackies — for the best-dressed, best-looking, or most popular martech stack. But what about mobile-first and mobile-only companies? If you’re mobile-first, you probably don’t need huge chunks

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How LinkedIn went from 500K to 500M users in 13 years

From 2003 to 2016, LinkedIn grew from 500,000 users to over 500 million members. VP of growth Aatif Awan shared the three-stage strategy the company followed to explode from also-ran to must-have today at Traction Conference in Vancouver, Canada. Stage one: Stimulating virality In the early years from 2003 to 2007, LinkedIn grew from 500,000

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Deleting one app can literally double your phone’s battery life

(This is my first post for Inc. Magazine.) When I saw one popular app eat 47 percent of my phone’s battery I acted with maximum prejudice–but there are some less drastic steps you can take. Last week I deleted Facebook from my phone, and literally doubled my battery life. Not just overnight, but instantly. You

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Welcoming all advertising companies to the attribution game

Smart marketers know that attribution is precisely at the core of what they need to do real data-driven marketing. Sometimes it seems complex and challenging, but ultimately, attribution is a very, very simple idea: Attribution tells you how your prospects become customers Attribution tells you how your customers buy more, increasing your share of wallet Attribution tells you

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New ‘Geosocial Index’ Ranks Global Locations By Social Media Activity

Fenway Park is more social than Yankee Stadium. The Four Seasons Moscow generates more tweets than the Four Seasons Istanbul. And no hospital on the planet generates more social activity than Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in, of course, California. How do I know? A new startup called HYP3R, which connects social activity to real-world locations, is

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How to tell news and content marketing apart

Content marketing is growing fast as 77% of companies are increasing their content marketing efforts. How do you distinguish between real news and content marketing? Here’s one sure-fire way: News tells you the most important parts of the story first. Content marketing holds the best parts to the middle or the end. Read the full

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Techmeme love :-)

If you’re not in the biz, you probably don’t know Techmeme. But it’s kind of the arbiter of what’s important in technology. When I wrote full-time at VentureBeat, I would “get a Techmeme” from time to time. It’s not a big deal, but it’s something that some publications (TechCrunch especially) take very seriously. So I

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I am now an adtech insider …

Apparently, I’m an adtech insider 🙂 The excellent George Slefo at AdAge quoted me in his funny write-up on the IAB changing “programmatic” — ads that are bought and sold via high-speed automated processes — to “automatic.” He starts strong: The Interactive Advertising Bureau released a report Wednesday that attempts to rid the advertising world

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Only 5% of ad networks are high fraud, but they own 20% of mobile ad clicks

Fraud lives in the dark, and where there’s a lack of transparency all the way from advertisers to customers, fraud grows. But fraud is also disproportionately a factor for larger ad networks. We recently studied mobile ad fraud globally, finding in a comprehensive study of 24 billion clicks on 700 ad networks that 15.2% of mobile

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Google reveals Apple’s iOS market share is 65% to 230% bigger than we thought

In the U.S., phones based on Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS mobile operating systems typically share the market relatively evenly. Globally, however, the percentage looks much more like somewhere between 80% to almost 90% Android, leading many to conclude that the mobile platform war is pretty much Windows versus MacOS, part two. Or so virtually all sales statistics have

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Amazon’s Alexa Getting Weather, News, And Shopping Notifications

“The weather is great this morning; you should take a run,” is something that Amazon’s Alexa will never say to you … unless you’ve added a fitness skill and opted-in to notifications. Today Amazon announced that Alexa skills will soon gain the capability to deliver notifications. Get the full story on Forbes …

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Unicorn Dinosaurs: How mobile is fueling Fortune 1000 success

Caterpillar doesn’t make giant earthmoving machinery. Exxon Mobil doesn’t sell gas. Home Depot doesn’t provide lumber and lawn mowers. Rather, they build relationships with customers — and solve people’s problems. Increasingly, that’s via mobile. In fact, mobile leaders in the F1000 grow market value 15% faster than mobile laggards, and are 1.9X more likely to be

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Amazon’s Alexa Gets Ads

Radio has ads. TV has ads. The web has ads, and apps have ads. But until very recently, the fast-growing field of AI assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana have not. That is now about to change. Voice analytics firm VoiceLabs is launching “Sponsored Messages” for Amazon Echo, saying it will be “the first

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Google Is God, Apple Is Sex, Facebook Is Love, And Amazon Is … Death?

New York University academic, marketing guru, and entrepreneur Scott Galloway spoke this morning at the Gartner Digital Marketing conference in San Diego. The popular professor has become known for his rapid, even frenetic overviews of brands and business success and failure. Today he dropped multiple prediction bombs on thousands of marketers in attendance, including how

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Insights on the future of app marketing

I recently spoke at the AppMasters conference in Las Vegas. Amazing time with the absolute best-of-the-best in mobile app marketing. Here’s what I shared: App marketing is changing significantly. In this presentation, I talk about: Marketing is the new ASO Ratings are table stakes Ad fraud is rampant and pervasive … including app install fraud

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Mobile ad fraud: what 24 billion clicks on 700 ad networks reveal

Eight ad networks are 100% fraud. 35 ad networks are 50% or greater. I recently studied 24.3 billion clicks on more than 700 ad networks, and the results are shocking. If you’re marketing on mobile, there are a huge number of ad partners to consider. Some of them are great. Many of them are good.

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The Death Of Mobile Is Coming! Smartphones Are Over! Apps Are Dead!

If you’re reading the news, you’ve been seeing stories touting the death of mobile as we know it. Smartphones are so completely over, according to these stories. In fact, those $1,000 iPhones are already obsolete. How should you react? Just as you do to the crazy guy on the street with the sign about the end of the

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Web, apps, bots, and agents or assistants: when to use each

I presented at Botscamp 2017 on bots … but specifically on how marketers can use them. Even more specifically, when they should use the good-old-fashioned web, or apps, or assistants like Alexa/Siri/Cortana. Marketers always jump on the latest tech. But … they’re also always very confused about the latest tech 🙂 Here are my slides, in

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4 things all marketers need to kill martech spaghetti

In 2014, Scott Brinker’s iconic martech landscape really got big, with 1,900 companies in 43 categories. Marketers who understood what was happening really freaked out. The next one will have 5,000 logos. Don’t panic. There is a way to escape martech hell. To de-clutter your marketing technology life. And to simplify and rationalize your marketing technology

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How to reduce customer acquisition costs by 10X with targeting jiu-jitsu

Can targeting make your business profitable? I recently talked to a marketing expert who absolutely pulverized a mobile app developer’s cost of user acquisition. Before the change, the developer was paying $3-4 per user. Literally an hour later, the developer was paying 30-40 cents. How did he do it? Get the full story on TUNE’s blog

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13 jobs that robots, AI, and automation won’t steal (immediately)

This summer, my 17-year-old is leaving home. He’s been accepted into the engineering program at the University of British Columbia, and will study materials science, robotics, drones, and much more. Which begs the question: what jobs will be available in 10 years? Self-driving vehicles are coming for the truck drivers and cabbies. Robots are taking over

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Omnichannel is where your customers live together … but separately

It’s a familiar story: brands need to manage omnichannel communications. Marketers have heard this message since email, the web, and social media marketing were new. But now, there are three key differences. EMARKETER DATA ON CUSTOMER CONTACT PREFERENCES IN LOYALTY PROGRAMS Massive expansion of available channels Rapid consumer acceptance of new channels Incredible diversification of customer channel preferences

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Facebook Goes All-In On Virtual And Augmented Reality

Four of Facebook’s 14 major announcements at its annual F8 developer conference yesterday were focused on virtual and augmented or mixed reality. Today, the company is providing additional tools to help people create the content that will blend real and digital worlds. Facebook is giving all attendees a 360-degree Giroptic camera. The $250 device attaches to smartphones, enabling live broadcasts of

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Facebook Just Took A Giant Leap To Becoming The Global Password Manager For Web And Apps

Passwords suck. They’re hard to remember, annyoing to forget, dangerous to store, and a magnet for hackers and scammers. That’s why I use them as little as possible in favor of Apple’s Keychain technology, which creates and stores hard-to-guess passwords. But Facebook could make all of that go away. Today at F8, Facebook’s developer conference, the

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AdAge feature: Martech explained

Pumped to be in both the print and online version of AdvertisingAge for this post … Let’s say you’ve recently been in a conversation about marketing technology where at least somebody didn’t exactly know what martech is. They got through by saying things like “consumer journey,” “Lumascape” and “Marketing tech is going to be the

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Surprise: 70% Of Millenials Do Not Want Electric Vehicles

70 percent of millenials do not want to buy an electric car and are much more interested in puchasing a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle, according to a new report. In addition, about two thirds would have significant reservations about riding in a self-driving car. However, Tesla, the car manufacturer most closely associated with electric

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Cadillac unveils ‘first true hands-free’ self-driving technology

Tesla might be shipping cars with limited autonomous driving capability, but Cadillac says it’s selling the first “true” hands-free driving technology. At least, for the highway. The new technology will ship as an option in Cadillac’s flagship car, the CT6, which the company calls a “prestige sedan.” It will be available in fall this year, only

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Top 21 research-driven app store optimization tips

At TUNE, I’ve published nine major app store optimization reports over the past six months. Now I’ve taking the best tips from each one and shared them in one place. If you need more information, or full context, get the full reports. They are completely free in all cases, and you can subscribe to all of them

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Facebook: Monetizing Messenger With Ads Will Be Very, Very Dangerous

Facebook has made a decision to focus on advertising as the monetization model for Messenger, not payments, says the company’s VP of messaging products, David Marcus. At least, for now. “We’re not going to take cuts of payments,” Marcus said recently. “The one thing we traditionally do, and is a decent business for us, is advertising.

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57% of marketers: Top priorities include cross-channel measurement and attribution

eMarketer says that 2017’s top priority for 57.1% of marketers is “cross-channel measurement and attribution.” In fact, it’s the only priority among 12 listed that more than half of marketers consider a key focus. EMARKETER ON CROSS-CHANNEL ATTRIBUTION Interestingly, an additional 43% said that “cross-channel audience identification/matching” was a key initiative as well. That’s good timing, because TUNE

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Bots For Sale: Bot Platform releases Bot Store

Bot-making platform has just released a “bot store,” where companies, groups, and individuals who want to release a bot can get, customize, and deploy a bot in minutes. Restaurant Bot, for example, will let you view a menu, see hours, book a reservation, or get in touch with a restaurant, all from Facebook Messenger, web

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86% of top App Store keywords are now branded

Almost all top keywords that people use to search for apps in the App Store — and very likely Google Play — are now branded. What does that mean for marketers? Looking for more details? Here you go …

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How One Accidental Kanye West Tweet Led To 150M App Installs

When it works, influencer marketing can be a wonderful thing, leading to huge sales, major brand recognition, significant buzz, or millions of people installing your mobile app. Even if it’s entirely accidental. That’s exactly what David Reichelt and Zeb Jaffer experienced with their hot app Color Switch. Color Switch is an addictive mobile game in the Flappy

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I am an ‘ASO Jedi,’ apparently

I have had the honor of being named an ASO (app store optimization) jedi by TheTool, and app store optimization solution. (It beats being called a tool, which has happened.) I don’t know how much I deserve the honor: I mostly just learn stuff and share stuff. But … it’s nice. See the full list

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Iron Man IRL: Gravity and Red Bull unveil personal jetpack

British aeronautic engineering startup Gravity unveiled a new human flying suit today. It’s a six-engine jet-propelled personal flying apparatus that the company says will take regular humans to superhero heights at several hundred miles per hour. At the moment, flights are limited to just a few feet above the ground. The suit includes six miniaturized jet engines, two of which

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The future of apps

I chimed in on The Future of Everything’s future of apps expert post … Apps are under assault from all directions. First, web and apps are converging. From the web side, rich mobile websites are starting to approach app-like behavior and engagement, and from the app side, instant apps are starting to approach the instant

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Bot-based games platform Gamee hits 500 million plays, scores $2.2 million seed round

A mobile gaming company that delivers games via messenging bots just scored $2.2 million in seed round funding. Gamee is mobile, and it’s games, but it’s not an app. Not primarily, at least. Rather, it’s a platform that delivers small, instantly playable games on Facebook Messenger, Kik, and Telegram, alongside its own app. And, its

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India infographic: mobile app installs

India’s Economic Times published my infographic in its print version. This is a kind of a big deal, since the Economic Times has an English circulation of around 700,000, our local PR reps say (although Wikipedia pins it around 400-500,000). Unfortunately, their web people really don’t understand paid versus organic installs, and so the title

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I studied the top 500 App Store keywords so you wouldn’t have to

People love Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Kik is really hot. And, if you want to win search on the App Store or Google Play, you’d better be prepared to do a lot of digital marketing. Because 90% of the top keywords are branded terms. Search still matters, and ranking still matters, tremendously. But awareness,

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Siri, Book My Vacation

Someday soon, you’ll be able to tell Siri to book a flight to Chicago, get you a hotel on the Miracle Mile, reserve a table at Morton’s, and get you tickets for the Cubbies. And she’ll do it, with a Lyft or Uber between each event, too. That day may be sooner than you think

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Get 3-10X better push message engagement. Here’s how …

Emojis help boost push notification opens 85%. But how can you boost engagement by 400%? Or 600%? There’s only one answer: personalization: Personalizing to what people expect from you is key: the car is arriving, the game with their favorite team is starting, an enemy clan is attacking their castle, the product in their cart

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Emojis in push: Boost open rates 85%

Push notifications might seem like God’s gift to marketers, but with great power comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, some marketers aren’t responsible. And that means that some apps flood their users with streams of non-notifying notifications. The result: it’s harder for legitimate messages to get noticed in the stampede. One way to stand out? Emojis. Want more

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Alexa on the go: Amazon staffing up its AI for cars

The battle for smart cars is heating up. Apple has CarPlay, which integrates iOS into a car’s infotainment system. Google has Android Auto, which is available in select cars from Kia, Chevrolet, Audi, Skoda, and other manufacturers. Amazon is a somewhat later entrant into the smart car battle, but it’s moving fast. Ford, Volkswagen, Hyundai,

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Advertising, brand safety, and programmatic

Programmatic advertising, ad exchanges, and multiple ad partners are a wonderful ecosystem that has sped up transactions, opened under-utilized inventory, saved advertisers money, and earned niche publishers more revenue. It’s also something that, without care and attention, can result in massive reputation damage and huge brand safety violations. How would you feel if your brands’ ads

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Livestream: Influencer marketing event in LA

Influencer marketing is HOT. It’s a $2B industry today globally, growing into either $5 billion or $10 billion, depending on who you believe, over the next three years. Yesterday I hosted an influencer marketing event with top marketers from Fox, CBS, and other major brands in Los Angeles at a TUNE event. On the panel: Lisa

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Larry Kim leaves Wordstream, starts new AI/bot company

What do you do after founding a company that manages a billion dollars in annual adspend and is Google’s largest and fastest-growing partner? Start a new marketing AI company building chatbots, of course. Larry Kim, the influential and popular founder of perhaps the best paid search marketing platform on the planet, has left WordStream, the company he

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Zynga Acquires 1-Person App Startup For $42.5M

It’s a good day to be Tim Oswald. He owns Harpan LLC, an app development company with essentially one game, and game studio Zynga just bought his company for $42.5 million. And he’s not just the owner and CEO. He’s essentially the only employee, as well. See the full story on Forbes …

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The new LinkedIn: #Mobilebest across web, mobile, & apps

Is LinkedIn’s new user experience a perfect example of MobileBest? MobileBest is meeting your customers where they are, whether that’s apps or web or other channels. LinkedIn’s new user interface attempts to unify the experience across desktop, mobile, and apps, and is perhaps the highest profile MobileBest redesign to date. I asked our director of user experience at

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AI @ datamation: AI designing AI

I commented on the future of artificial intelligence for Datamation: “In 2017 we’ll see see more and more artificial intelligences designing artificial intelligences, resulting in many mistakes, plenty of dead ends, and some astonishing successes. Google has tried this already, and AI researchers that I’ve talked to are increasingly turning to this method of iterating

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US time spent with mobile jumps 50%

I contributed to Cathy Boyle’s eMarketer report: US Time Spent with Mobile; A Deep Dive into Mobile App and Web Time. What did we learn? US adults will spend 50% more time on their phones in 2017 than they did in 2013. That time will hit 3 hours and 17 minutes. TV viewing is down about

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Facebook: Native Video Gets 10X More Shares Than YouTube

Social media marketers have long suspected that Facebook prioritizes video uploaded directly to Facebook versus video shared from another source, like YouTube. A new study confirms the suspicion. Few, however, thought there might be a 10X difference. Social media analytics provider Quintly analyzed 6.2 million posts by 167,000 Facebook profiles over the last half of 2016. In

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Traction Conf makes Canada great again

“I’m a refugee myself, a refugee of the first Gulf war from Kuwait,” Lloyed Lobo told me. “And I know people who are scared by the present situation.” Lobo runs Traction Conference in Vancouver, Canada. It’s a major international conference with speakers from top U.S. tech companies like LinkedIn, Uber, SendGrid, and AppDynamics (just bought by Cisco for $3.7 billion), and more.

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Emojis boost push notifications 85%

Mobile marketers can boost open rates of their push notifications 85% by including emojis, according to a recent report. Standard push notifications are only opened 2.44 percent of the time, according the study by Leanplum and App Annie. Push notifications that contain an emoji are opened at much higher rate: 4.51%. That helps mobile app

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MM24: #MobileBest

And … I just released MobileMinute 24. It’s the lastest in my series of short videos on mobile strategy, mobile thinking, and mobile insights. The full blog post is on TUNE’s blog. In short: MobileBest is what happens when brands understand that mobile is the default way people experience the digital world. And, that the

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Do robots have free speech? Amazon says yes

It’s a case of murder most foul involving a hot tub, a night of drinking, and Amazon Echo. The government wants any recordings or interactions Alexa, Amazon’s personal assistant who lives on the Echo (and in the cloud), might have. Amazon says … nope … Alexa has free speech. Read the full post on Forbes.

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Moderating Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP, Ryan Holmes of Hootsuite, and more

Absolutely loved moderating the opening panel at Interzone Vancouver with Bill McDermott, the fascinating CEO of SAP, plus Ryan Holmes of Hootsuite, Jessie Adcock, the chief digital officer of the city of Vancouver, and Jackie Yeaney, Red Hat’s executive vice president of Marketing and Strategy. Bill gave me a copy of his book, and he has a remarkable

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