VB Foam Board Final


October 2014

Presented on our latest VB Insight research on mobile monetization and mobile user acquisition to 100+ attendees in Los Angeles.

Average attendee has $50K in monthly app income and 2.5 million downloads. Can't mention names, but some pre-IPO companies with $10B valuations were present.

reach - facebook

4.7 million and counting

September 2014

It's not every day you reach almost 5 million people.


money money money

August 2014

We raised a small seed round (about $3M) for VB Insight.

Was very cool and a great learning experience to participate in this and be present in a lot of investor meetings. Here's some press about the raise: Silicon Valley Business Journal and Folio Mag (both of which have interviews with me), as well as American Press, FinSMEs and Tech in Asia.

Now the real work starts.

tech news tonight

August 2014

Start at 7:30. C'est moi.


inside intel

May 2014

Launched an MVP of VB Insight, an new research platform modeled after an app store.

Built the product, brought on independent analysts, onboarded them, started a marketplace for reports and expertise.


mobile monetization

april 2014

Released a 47-page, 5,600-word mobile game monetization report showing how the most successful game developers make money, and detailing why relying on Google is a loser's game.

The $499 report sold $10K worth in the first day.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 2.30.14 PM

TWiT Marketing Mavericks:

And TWiT Tech News 2Night:

marketing maverick

april 2014

Appeared on This Week in Tech netcasts on two successive days ... one in response to interest in our Mobile Games Monetization Report, and the other to answer some question about Google, mobile, Google Glass, and self-driving cars.


no other gods

august 2013

Published my first novel, a 95,000 word 350-page science fiction book, No Other Gods.

4.5 stars out of 5 reviews so far, and shot up to #1 on Amazon's sci-fi time travel bestseller lists as of November 30!

art of the pitch

August 2013

Participated in the Art of Pitch panel at GROW conference in Vancouver with Frederic Lardinois of TechCrunch and Douglas MacMillan of Bloomberg, telling tech companies and PR reps how to pitch ... and how not to pitch.


hyperloop on CKNW

August 2013

Expert commentary about Elon Musk's super-speed Hyperloop train concept on CKNW radio.

Got the call after writing this post about the Hyperloop, which ended up getting about 100K views the day before Musk's announcement.

I'll post audio if I can.


one in two million

February 2013

Apparently I'm one in a million -- almost literally.

There are more than 200 million member profiles on LinkedIn, and mine is in the top 1% most-viewed category ... along with two million others.


1000 posts

January 2013

In not quite a year of my accidental technology journalist career, I've written over 1000 posts. Here's the little badge that Wordpress VIP gave me for that achievement.

I'm also happy to say that in that time, I've been the most-read journalist on the site.


coworking cofounder

November 2012

Cofounded the first coworking space in BC's Fraser Valley, SwitchCube.

The name was my creation; further branding and visual design was done mostly by my business partner, Matt Farley.

We offer desks, offices, boardroom space, coffee, WiFi, lights, chairs, and, of course, gravity.

social for CGAs

September 2012

Created and delivered two seminars for CGA-Canada, the official national organization for certified general accountants in Canada, on social media, technology, and business.

Attendee comments included "perfect," "learned lots," and "well presented," and, after the second seminar, 96.4% of respondents in a CGA poll said they would like to participate in future seminars.

speak @ GROW

August 2012

Spoke at GROW conference on a panel evaluating start-up and business plans with other journalists and VCs like Dave McClure.


June 2012

It's not every day an Apple fanboy praises Microsoft. And it's not every day you get over 7000 likes, 100K views, and 1700 tweets.

But then again, it's not every day that one of the world's largest corporations finally, finally, finally gets in the game.

mark cuban

June 2012

Naturally I speak with celebrities every day, all day. So getting a quote from billionaire Mark Cuban was like, no big deal. At all.

All in a day's work.

online marketing

April 2012

I've taken a consulting role as Director of Online Marketing with Click4Time. My focus, not surprisingly, is online marketing: social media, content marketing, lead generation, and conversion tracking.

I'm giving this role about half of my time so I can continue to work with my other clients in social media, consulting, and speaking.

freelance journalist

April 2012

I began my post-secondary education thinking about a career in journalism. Now I'm a freelance writer for VentureBeat, one of the leading technology and business blogs on the planet.

All my posts are visible on my author page: John Koetsier on VentureBeat.

social media bootcamp

March 2012

Created and ran a social media bootcamp for the top managers at DiverseCity, a nonprofit in Surrey, BC.

Via visuals, a presentation, and discussion, I led their execs through an overview of social media today, with context from the past. I also delved into the future of media and brand, observed how our entire culture is shifting online, and, finally, introduced some easy first steps the agency can take.

It was a fun, invigorating session, with great feedback. The next steps? Helping them implement some of the recommendations.

discover life

january 2012

I can't show much due to corporate privacy rules, but these are a few screenshots from the redesign I was planning for Canpages.ca: a new kind of local discovery site focused on ALL of life ... entertainment, services, shopping, products, experiences, events, places, and more.

We built a stunning user interface, and I was just about to pull the trigger on the build with an outside development house ... when our corporate parent pulled the plug on the project, and on the company.

I'll always regret not being able to take this vision to reality.

merry christmas

december 2011

Christmas is worth celebrating. Here's how I helped my company get into the spirit.

It's definitely indie quality, but it was a fun project that really brought us all together.

SOHO keynote

September 2011

A speech I gave at SOHO Vancouver, focusing on social media for small and home business operators.

I enjoy speaking to both individuals and groups about topics that I'm passionate and knowledgable about, and social media is one of them. The talk was very well received, and it was great fun.

The video that SOHO staff took was only of me, so to ensure that you can see the presentation slides as well I played it on my computer while scrolling the the slides at (mostly) appropriate moments ... capturing video along the way.

social media marketing

July 2011

While running social at Canpages, I did three things:

Increased blog traffic 25x by building a team of internal bloggers, integrating blog posts from freelancers, soliciting guest posts, and using Helium for hyper-local posts in 5 key regions.

Built out our profile on the most important social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+) and grew our fan/follower base 10x. More importantly, by focusing on topical, interesting, and geo-targeted messages, I grew our engagement rate 100x.

Finally, by integrating social into our site, I increased traffic from social networks by a factor of 15.

ONE key change

June 2011

This is the Canpages ONE video, showing the full range of Canpages products. I didn't produce this video or lead this project. But I did throw in a monkey wrench that changed everything.

During the first script review, I suggested reframing the entire video from a customer's perspective ... as opposed to ours. All agreed, and our prototype customer was going to be called John.

At the last stage, however, we decided to name him Bill. The rest is history.


May 2011

A few screens from the updated iPhone app I produced for Canpages.

It's fully buzzword compliant, with SOcial, LOcal, and MObile baked in, but the core app promise is simple: find everything local, now.

Nice features include hands-free voice search, augmented reality to find that pesky coffee shop hiding behind the bus, and videos and photos of local businesses.

It's on iTunes right now, and it's rated 4+ out of 5 stars.


April 2011

Put a small team together to whip up a beautiful little HTML presentation of our key products and services ... which doubles as a mini sales force automation tool which sales reps can use with clients to customize solutions and build quotes.

The kicker? It works both online and off, for all those times when reps are out of WIFI and 3G range.


March 2011

Last year we were rebranding Canpages. I led the phase of the project where we defined who we were and what we wanted to be.

DDB Canada led us through their process for rebranding, including answering 10 key questions. This is their slideshow, but most of the messaging is mine.

After this phase - done in mornings and evenings while at SXSW - I handed the project over to our marketing manager, Cathy Greer, who had been on vacation, and Colin Osing, our Director of Marketing.

NHL network video ad

January 2011

Wrote and exec-produced a video ad for Canpages to run on Canucks.com on the NHL network. The video highlights Canpages' mobile apps ... focusing on what users can do and why they should care.

This is the best kind of project: fun, cool, exciting, collaborative, and most of all, creative.

mobile apps

December 2010

Part of my role at Canpages is to manage our mobile apps. One of my first projects was to complete production of our Android and BlackBerry apps to complement our existing iPhone app.

Our apps enable mobile search on the go ... virtually instant access to any local businesses or services, with a great voice search interface. Plus of course, you can check on traffic cams, do a reverse lookup, and find people ... everything you need to find the perfect je ne sais crois in your neighborhood.

Get our Canpages apps here